Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Nice Explanation

Today I was doing some brainstorming and writing some thoughts to use in a paper I am writing. It surprised me how cool it sounded so I thought I would share some of it:

"A great irony exists: Only a person who is either ignorant or arrogant will honestly say that of all religions that have existed or will exist, theirs is true and the others are false. These religious people are arrogant in the sense that they refuse the idea that it is statistically impossible for a particular religion to be “the one and only truth”; ignorant because they oppose any arguments against their beliefs, and in the past these ignorant people have have killed and crusaded in attempts to impose ideas on people by force, rather than by rational discussion, debate, or otherwise. Of course, they created or altered religions to explain that their actions were just; indeed the will of God."

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